One of my biggest personal struggles is getting my hair curled. Successfully, that is.The Farrah Faucet look. Cindy Crawford’s. Dawn Zulueta’s.

The long, wavy, seductive hair …. Wow… Sexy! Who wouldnt want this????

                                              This is what I am talking about!

It seemed that every time I tried to perm my hair, it ended up in disaster and my friends screaming in complete disgust. My school I.D.’s captured those moments, and now I dont blame them for being terrorized at the sight. Never talagang bumagay!

<- Me in High School, Circa 1987

      Me in College, Circa 1993 ->

Last summer, I tried again… I think I looked good… but why is the picture blurred?

                                       Kahit 2007 na, hindi talaga tinablan ng camera….

I was about to do another drastic curling attempt, without hubby’s approval, when I got a call from the most important person in my life — my hairdresser.  She asked me if I remembered my hair being cut 12 inches and then sent to charity.

Hah! How can I forget? That was the day I hated my hair so much that I had it chopped off.

Wigs for Kids, a non-profit organization, received my donated hair. This organization collects hair to make it into wigs for kids that lost their hair from chemotherapy treatments. Apparently human hair makes the best wigs. I gave them a hair that was healthy (I got no split ends), untreated (I don’t color my hair, got no time nor money) and clean (wala po akong kuto).

I always forget that I am God’s work of art. My divine Lord created me for a reason. He gave me this long, black, shiny hair… SO IT CAN BECOME A WIG.


                                  O sige na nga, I’ll love my hair na! Balik straight!