Half Moon Bay, California

I was 5 months pregnant here!

Hello there, my name is Cheryl. I was born, raised and educated in the Philippines. Been here in the States since 1995. I enjoy every minute of my life, no matter how crazy it is living in America! Two different cultures, two wonderful worlds I love.

I am happily married. I married late, though. I patiently waited for my soulmate — kuno, but in all honesty, I was already 30 years of age in a state of extreme panic. I have a little boy, Kenneth, who is now 2 1/2. These are the men in my life. And my father, of course, who remains to be the strongest influence in my life. 

I am a behavior analyst. My undergraduate is in Psychology back in U.P., while I received my graduate degree in Psychology from the University of North Carolina. Special education is my passion. I have been advocating for children’s rights since I got my first case of a child with autism. 

My hobbies? They’re very 80s: stamp collecting, reading, playing the piano. Also liked hiking and gardening, the Pinay probinsyana in me kicks in. Let’s see… I have also been into cooking, photography, writing… but these things have been making me fat lately.

I do have a blog on friendster, where I mostly write about childhood memories. I tend to drag my personal friends back to the dead past. Now, this wordpress account will be somewhat different, as I will try to keep it 2000’ish. There is too much to talk about!

Feel free to tag me, as I have zero links in here. Ha! Ha! Ha! I welcome myself to the world of true-blue, public blogging!


4 Responses to “About Me!”

  1. frances Says:

    Hi! I finally found your blog! You married when you were 30 and at a state of extreme panic– I’ve got single friends who are in their 30s and one who’s turning 30 in January 1. Yep, they are panicky, too. It’s really amusing.

    Anyway, I’ll be reading your blog more often since I’ve developed a budding interest in the lives of “global pinoys.”

    Best wishes to you and your family!

  2. Cheryl Joy Says:

    wait till you turn 30 hahahaah. Ay, naging conscious tuloy ako sa blog ko. Pag-aaralan ko muna kung anong topic. I think I’m just going to stick to personal experiences and being informative. Ay mahirap ding magsulat no, di katulad mo chicken feed lang. Ha Ha Ha hay naku.

  3. Susan Nishi Says:

    Hi! Is this the same Thadeo Salido I went to Moiola Elementary with?

  4. Cheryl Joy Says:

    Yes, da wan n only. Ay, kano pala to.

    Hi Susan. Yes, the one and only Thadeo.

    Thanks for checking my blog!

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